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  Thomas Schabacher
Address: Fontanestr. 25
51373 Leverkusen
Phone: 0221/50065823


The site was created (beside my interest in panoramic photography) to offer a comfortable way to mark specific locations, like peaks, inside the images. The way to go was, of course, an interactive online application. The very positive feedback and the increasing adoption of the service by other photographers came as a surprise and provided the necessary motivation to develop the platform further.
All of the work on this site is done in my spare time, including holidays and vacations. Therefore, the development of the project is never quite as fast as one would wish. But considering all the ramification of the job and my social life, there is no other way to do it. Some of you might have already noticed the longer response times on emails. My apologies.

What else to say?

In my other spare time I find myself behind the camera, hiking in the mountains (difficult at times from where I live) and discover a few more fascinating landscapes on this planet.
In my professional life I work at DMKZWO, a communications agency, based in Cologne.

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The following people contributed to the success and quality of
Daniel Roth
Volker Meibrink
Ute Berndt
Martin Friedrich
I would like to thank all the other people who contributed to through tips and suggestions.

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Please use email for contact. (phone only in cases of emergency)

The counterpart to for panoramas from the european alps:

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I am also working on the following projects:
* with Daniel Roth
** discontinued