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Location: Tsagaan Nuur (1530 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 10-08-2011
The lake bears the same name as the little village on its shore - or better the converse, because "Tsagaan Nuur" in Mongolian means "white lake", and a lot of places throughout the country bear this name.
Ten vertical shots taken short before breakfast.
1/320, f/11, 250mm(x1.5), ISO 100


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Gorgeous! Cheers from Canada! Augustin
2012/01/29 20:19, Augustin Werner
Eindrückliche Rarität!
Gruss Walter
2012/01/30 14:56, Walter Schmidt
beautiful multilayered sky! 
All the best,

2012/01/30 23:17, Christian Hönig
Yes, the clouds are really something here. LG Jan.
2012/01/30 23:19, Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Great the contrast between the flat surface of the water and the movement suggested by the clouds in the sky! Magic light at early morning! Bravo!
2013/11/13 23:56, Edoardo Martelli

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Pedrotti Alberto

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