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Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (66 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2018 10 20 6:42 PM st
Here is a tele-crop in quasi natural colors, a minute later than previous pano.

But I will delete previous pano within next days because Christoph Seger effectively disqualified it only for pleasure I guess.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150 mm, 6 p RAW, 150 mm (240 mm KB), iso 160, f 9, 1/60 s, PTguiPro, 15677x3366 212.7 MB TIFF, cropped to 11274x1204, downgraded>500 TIFF>sharpening>3802x500 1.0 MB JPEG


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Thank you very much for finally presenting a frame with reasonably colours (after two other tries). It is also of advantage that you now concentraton on the sun itself and some of the buldings do not anly longer show up.

I like the hue of green in the top layers of the sun and the small clouds in orange. Now we do not have any very artificial oversaturation and STILL a greenish band (meaning that the athmosphere at this position blocked the other parts of the solar spectrum).

"green flashes" and "green rims" are well described but very short lasting phenomena, for a starter of this effects you can consult Wikipedia

or see the presentations of Mr. AT Young
2018/11/09 06:17, Christoph Seger
On your comment "because Christoph Seger effectively disqualified it only for pleasure I guess." I would like to state, that I only followed the rules of voting layed down for this community.

It says

"When rating a panorama you should - in addition to the quality of the motive itself - also take into account the technical aspects. These are among others: Quality of stitching, well-balanced sharpness, correct cropping, quality of compression (no or hardly visible JPEG artefacts), no tint, etc."

I hope your language skills in English are good enough to understand, that the voting system iist is not for giving lower votes "for pleasure" and it is very, very shameful (shame on YOU of course), that you accuse me of doing so. It is a unwritten rule in this forum that we all give our best to stay objective.
2018/11/09 06:41, Christoph Seger
It reminds me that the "green flash" or "green ray" inspired Jules Verne for his novel Le Rayon Vert (1882) and Eric Rohmer for his film of the same title (1986). According to popular sentiment, the one who succeeds in grasping this ephemeral "soul ray" would be able to clearly recognize his own and others' feelings.

I've never seen this thing with my own eyes. So I thank you for showing us such a rare phenomenon.

Ciao, Alvise
2018/11/09 10:00, Alvise Bonaldo
@Alvise, my pleasure.
@Christoph, thx for the first comment but the second hmmmm... Anyway, days ago you explained that it is an unwritten rule not to use it like this and yet you do. Personally I think the original voting rules are 'much' better than the over-simplistic all or nothing but of course it also can easily be used to abuse. I really think the rating system as of used today should be omitted because it makes no sense. Commenting a pano is the way to do!
2018/11/09 12:46, Mentor Depret
Taking up your words „Commenting a pano is the way to do!“ Inhabe Tomas’s that NOW you are coming closer to the truth about how communication is done in this forum. Remember back some days ago - Sebastian did nothing else but commenting on your 100th panorama. It was a balanced comment with some critics but a comment. So he showed affection to your presentation not silent ignorance or - even worst - dropping a reduced number of stars without letting the producer of the presentation know why.
2018/11/09 13:47, Christoph Seger
@Christoph, I absolutely disagree. It makes a big difference saying: "great pano but I don't like the building" as a stand alone than combining it with:" but no 4*", which 'colleagues' should only do when the pano has defects. That is why this 4* rating-only should be abolished.
2018/11/09 14:54, Mentor Depret
You have the choice - decide ... 
Lets assume a spectator says ... "great pano but I do not like the sharpness"

and ... (1) "hence not 4*" and no stars delivered
and ... (2) 3* delivered without further wording

What would you prefer? Give us a clear answer, we like to have happy people around us and if (2) makes you happier than (1) we (at least I) will do it.

There is of course option (3) done by 98% of the spectators. You get no comment whatsoever. Neither a positive nor a negative on.

So please - (1), (2), or even (3) ??
2018/11/09 18:37, Christoph Seger
That is all hypothetical. I just cannot accept the fact that someone calls the pano great and rates it equally -i.e. nothing - like a pano with defects. That just makes no sense!
If the original system is applied, many panos shouldn't reach the full 4* and one would get a more reliable distribution 'if' a series of rules are respected by everyone. However, this website is controlled by a relatively small group who rates each others panos, i.e. friendly votes. So in principle this is more or less biased. If an outsider enters the website, he/she risks to get no rating because nobody knows the person. So as a conclusion, I am sure this website would be far better without a rating system and only the possibility to comment.
2018/11/09 19:42, Mentor Depret

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