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Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (66 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2018 10 20 6:41 PM st
The strangest sunset I ever saw!

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150 mm, 7 p RAW, 150 mm (240 mm KB), iso 160, f 9, 1/60, PTGuiPro, 18557x3660 291.9 MB TIFF, cropped to 3466, downsizing>1732>1000>500 TIFF>sharpening>2690x500 663 KB JPEG


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Really strange! 
Taking for granted that you did not use filters or other post-production tricks, , in your opinion, what do the color bands of the sun depend on?
Ciao, Alvise
2018/11/07 14:40, Alvise Bonaldo
Hi Alvise, I used no tricks to photograph the pictures. The original shows a Jupiter like Sun with color bands white, slightly greenish yellow, yellow, orange and several reds. They had certainly to do with atmospheric layers in combination with the Sun because they follow the sphere. I wanted to enhance the wide V reflection in the cloud above the Sun and by doing so also intensified and modified a little the colors of the bands. But the colors are imbedded in the original. It is completely unexpected as if it comes from a different world.
2018/11/07 18:48, Mentor Depret
Yes, I agree. 
I wonder which solar planet offers such a yellow-green atmosphere... Thanks a lot.
Ciao, Alvise
2018/11/08 08:53, Alvise Bonaldo
Alvise, I intentionally changed the original light orange-yellow clouds into greenish yellow to intensify the green band on the Sun. If you look to a solar spectrum, you will see that blueish-green and green have the highest intensities. I think that the Earth atmospheric layers filtered the sunlight such that the spectrum became visible. Maybe this is too much for this website that only appreciates very rudimentary pictures.
2018/11/08 15:10, Mentor Depret
Very bad colour management but a nice motiv - as sunsets are usually. Would be a pleasure to see it in its natural tones. If we are too primitive beings for you you better publish such pictures elsewhere.
2018/11/08 16:11, Christoph Seger
@Christoph, can't you read? I intensified green a little to show the green band better. This is what Nasa does with all its pictures. Of course thanks for effectively disqualifying and... have a look to your pano. Nice game some 'colleagues' started a while ago.
2018/11/08 22:56, Mentor Depret
I leave your comment now unanswered, it stands entirely for itself.
2018/11/09 06:43, Christoph Seger
"I just wonder why you use such wrong colors making the scene very unnatural, ugly in fact?"
2018/11/09 08:28, Jörg Engelhardt
@Jörg, first of all, your panos are often so much enhanced, they nearly always look unnatural. Concerning the pano: I didn't use wrong colors because this view doesn't really differ that much with the original. But I 'intentionally' enhanced to make the V-shaped light reflection in the clouds and especially the very unusual colors on the Sun more visible. The result is unusual of course although the original already looked surrealistic. If every Nasa picture or every surrealistic painting is classified as ugly, the world becomes narrow.
2018/11/09 13:08, Mentor Depret

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