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1 ? la Palma 140km
2 Atlantic Ocean
3 Observatorio del Teide - 2390 m
4 Besenrauke (Descuraina bourgeauana)
5 Teide-Ginster (Spartocytisus supranubianus)
6 Pico Teide - 3718 m


Location: Las Cañadas del Teide (2300 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Spain      Date: 26.07.2018


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Very nicely reproduced, the red earth of the lava of the Teide. But the observatories could shine brighter and also the yellow bushes of the "Besenrauke" (Descuraina bourgeauana).
Overall very well chosen viewpoint with the view to the northwest. There should be a view between the Passat clouds La Palma:
But the bright spots to the left should still be corrected.
2018/08/06 10:44, Heinz Höra
Sorry Konrad, the image and stichting quality is far away from the pano's you have shown in may (#23474 for example).
I prefer a rework to honor the good sightpoint & motiv.
What did you change ?
2018/08/06 22:07, Steffen Minack
Mir gefallen die Farbe, der Bildschnitt und die exotische Kargheit.
Wenn hier sonst noch "Minustüpfelchen" lauern, übersehe ich das gerne!
Danke für die optische Bereicherung!
2018/08/07 10:43, Walter Schmidt
Walter, wir haben eben doch viel Gemeinsames!
2018/08/07 12:03, Heinz Höra
Motif and location are well chosen. The elaboration can not keep up with that. The brightness jump between Teide and ? la Palma in the sky is very violent. This bothers more than a little posterization in the sky.
2018/08/07 16:57, Jörg Braukmann
Heinz, bei Dir bin ich etwas verwundert. Dieses Pano hat doch nicht ein "Minustüpfelchen", sondern eher einen dicken "Minusklecks"! :-) Nichts für ungut, verschiedene Einschätzungen dürfen sein!
LG Jörg
2018/08/07 20:13, Jörg Nitz
vom Motiv und Bildschnitt her ein überzeugendes Panorama. Nur haben sich im Himmel einige markante Übergänge hartnäckig gehalten. Sollte aber kein Problem sein: das Teide Bild ganz links spürbar und das Antennenbild rechts der Bildmitte nachdunkeln und noch einmal versuchen. Das Pano hat Potential nach oben ...
LG Alexander
2018/08/07 21:33, Alexander Von Mackensen
With Hugin the issue of the "shining Teide" (whereas the "shining" attribute could/should only be applied to the Gasherbrum IV) would be solved within 1 minute, for example, in either of these two ways:
1) manually set the exposure of the leftmost picture to that of the adjacent one. Very rude, but works - needless to say, then report to have used some more refined technique;
2) mask off temporarily (that is, limited to exposure optimization) the lower half of the superposition between these two pictures. This has to be done more often than not in order to "close" a 360° of Patagonia, where typically some supersonic cloud has intervened, while you were turning around (which operation is performed at non-supersonic speed, at least by me), casting a new shadow, which then fools the optimizer. I do not see Canarian applications of this scenario but - who knows??

PS: if you fix the Teide in 1 min, you can use the remaining time for
2018/08/07 22:57, Pedrotti Alberto
Thanks for advices 
I changed position of Teide to right. Maybe its a little better, but I still not satisfied.
2018/08/08 21:08, Konrad Sus
@Konrad, I don't like this change in the panorama.
You can edit the panorama so that the bright spot on the right of the Teide is no longer so noticeable.
On my test site No. 2850, I show how this can look.
2018/08/09 19:01, Heinz Höra

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