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Location: Trani (5 m)      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Italy      Date: 2018-04-10
Very much influenced by what I knew from this city - also by the pano-picture presented by Giuseppe - we went there twice. This pano was shot prior to a very good dinner. I did a free-hand series, I was a bit in hurry ;-) Therefore an open aperture but as you can see the Fuji works very well under this conditions.

The duomo (San Nicola Pellegrino) on the right side is very well know, I do not have to add anything on in. On the lefthand side a five-spreader-rigged yacht, which I tried to research on (I did not look at it closer ...). It could be the "Maria Alba II", former Leopard of London. With 97 ft one of the largest Maxi yachts ever constructed. I admit I love to look for such details and a five-spreader rig is not a common sight in any harbour ...

Technical details
Fuji X-T2 mit XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R
7 QF RAWs taken with 26 mm focal length (40 mm at full frame)
1/60, f/3.2, ISO 3200 at 19:41 MEZ


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The cathedral of Trani is one of my favorite Italian churches.
2018/04/16 21:32, Giuseppe Marzulli
For me it is hard to say which I liked best among the Puglian churches. In Trani it is spectacular how you enter it from the "sotteraneo", but I was even more attracted by the Cattedrale di Bitonto (which we visited an evening before in fascinating light ...).
2018/04/16 21:47, Christoph Seger
Panorama, Beschreibung und ein Blick auf die Exif-Daten begeistern - perfekte Arbeit !!!

Herzliche Grüße und einen guten Start in den neuen Tag
2018/04/17 06:31, Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Eine Gegend Italiens die mir noch unbekannt ist, aber die ich noch irgendwann besuchen möchte. Bin gespannt was du alles mitbringst.
Das mit dem Zeitdruck vor den Restaurantbesuchen kommt mir bekannt vor ;-) Wenn das Essen aber nur annähernd so gut war, wie dir das Pano gelungen ist, war es ein schöner Abend.
Die angesprochene offene Blende f3.2 sollte bei der Fokus-Entfernung (geschätzt 200m) eigentlich kein Problem darstellen. Eine etwaige Unschärfe dürfte in dem dunklen Wasser kaum auszumachen sein.
2018/04/17 20:20, Werner Schelberger

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