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1 Lago Santa Croce
2 Nevegal
3 Pala Alta, 1933m
4 Monte Duron, 2000m
5 Monte Serva, 2133m
6 Torrente Tesa
7 Monte Dolada, 1938m
8 Col Nudo, 2472m
9 Monte Teverone, 2345m
10 Monte Venale, 2212m
11 Monte Messer, 2230m


Location: Farra d' Alpago      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 28 April 2017

Alpago is a historical-geographical region of Veneto, in the province of Belluno.


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Somewhere along the T.........o in F....i? (near C....o?)
2018/03/12 22:59, Jan Nuyts
Hallo Jan. The river is not Tagliamento.
2018/03/12 23:21, Giuseppe Marzulli
F.T. - maybe T.T. 
A naked hill above an adhesive river
2018/03/13 10:35, Matthias Knapp
2018/03/13 18:42, Giuseppe Marzulli
you are not sure what I mean?
I meant: maybe fiume, maybe torrente. I don't know so much italien.
Neither do I know whether TESA FILM is known in italy. The naked hill could be easily translated into italien.
Sorry for so much confusion.
2018/03/14 12:15, Matthias Knapp
Hi Matthias. I know you knew....
2018/03/14 12:44, Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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