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Location: Paris (Pont Neuf)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: 2 July 2016
On what date was the pano taken?



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Was it on June 27th 2016?
2017/12/21 23:58, Mentor Depret
I think they did also shine the colors on July 2nd the same year
2017/12/22 09:00, Christoph Seger
The game of the solution is out of my interest, but I guess it was july 2nd 2016. The colors were decided by a twitter-voting.
It could been june 13th, 17th, 22nd and 27th with a probability of 50% as well.
2017/12/22 10:07, Steffen Minack
The pano was taken on July 2, 2016, in the night, after the Italy-Germany football match. But it could have been taken on any of the dates you said. Good job, everyone.
The Eiffel Tower seems close, but it is 3,5 km away.
2017/12/22 19:25, Giuseppe Marzulli
During June and July 2016 were held in France the European Championship.
I follow football with moderation and I was in Paris for reasons other than football.
On July 2, there was the football match Italy-Germany. I know, it may seem impossible for an Italian ;-), but I had decided not to see the football match, but to visit Paris at night.
At one point, I saw the Eiffel Tower with the colors of the Italian flag and, after reflecting a bit, I thought it was because the football match had been won by Italy.
So I decided to go partying in some bistro, but around was full of very happy German tourists.
In fact, Germany and not Italy had won the match.
So, I consoled myself by photographing the Eiffel Tower with Italian colors.
2017/12/22 20:49, Giuseppe Marzulli

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