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Location: Seoul, Gangnam/Yeoksam      by: Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Area: Korea, Republic Of      Date: 18 Dez 2016
... so sieht das dann bei Tag aus.


Gangnam-Style? It will be ...
It seems to me only that they imitate some aspects of Western culture
2017/12/04 20:11, Giuseppe Marzulli
... and I was part of it....

Almost every second individual on this planet clicked on this video and if you did, you'll see a couple of buildings (the trade tower) which are also seen on this panorama. From an aesthetical point of view I agree but there is so much life in the streets, left and right of the main avenues like Teheran-ro (on the right hidden by buildings along this road), that you can't resist to visit this city. IMHO the city is worth a try :-)
2017/12/04 21:16, Hans-Jürgen Bayer
But the most worrying thing for me is that I see a certain resemblance between the video's protagonist and Kim Jong-un ;-)
2017/12/04 21:26, Giuseppe Marzulli
Does he eventually know about it ? :-)
2017/12/04 21:49, Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Interessante Farbkombination mit den grauen Hochhäusern und den farbigeren Gebäuden im Vordergrund. Auf 3 Milliarden Aufrufe wie bei dem Video kommst mir dem Pano wahrscheinlich nicht, aber ein paar mehr wünsche ich Dir noch ;-) VG Martin
2017/12/14 19:21, Martin Kraus

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