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1 Monte di Portofino, 610m
2 pano 18473
3 San Rocco
4 pano 22383
5 pano 20557
6 Porto Pidocchio
7 Punta Chiappa


Location: Camogli      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 15 November 2015
It is not easy to translate "palazzata". I think I can translate "façade of palaces".
The palazzata of Camogli is quite famous. These are fishermen's houses built in height. The reason they were so high, of course for being fishermen's house, is the lack of space.
Unfortunately, now there are few fishermen in Camogli. Nowadays, they are, moistly, expensive holiday homes.


I appreciate your beautiful panorama much, dear Giuseppe ... and I see that November is a nice time too, to visit this beautiful region !!!

Memories awakened once more, when I look to my parking place with the camper, and my last hike with my dog early in the morning to San Rocco and near Monte Portofino on October 13th ...

Good night and cordial greetings
2017/10/22 23:18, Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
L'uomo va in barca con le sette mogli...
Bella vita!!
2017/10/22 23:22, Pedrotti Alberto
Alberto, sette mogli vuol dire anche sette suocere...
Nessuna invidia...
2017/10/22 23:36, Giuseppe Marzulli
Capisco... è solo nelle filastrocche che la moglie porta sette gatte e sette gattini.
Dunque buonanotte!
[Non solo a te, ma anche all'idea delle sette mogli]
2017/10/22 23:55, Pedrotti Alberto
Nice beach life for mid-november!
2017/10/23 07:24, Arne Rönsch
Hi Giuseppe, how good are they earthquake resistant?
2017/10/23 12:11, Mentor Depret
Hi Mentor. You ask a very interesting question, but it is not easy for me to answer.
I do not know the specific situation of the palazzata of Camogli, but I assume that the buildings have not considered seismic risk and that therefore in case of earthquakes it is probable that they will crawl.
More generally in Italy, for historical and cultural reasons, there are many buildings dating back to past centuries and often even to medieval times. They are often in the most beautiful areas. It is not easy to secure these buildings.
In my opinion, what is unacceptable in Italy is when collapsed buildings built or restructured recently.
2017/10/23 19:43, Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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