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Location: Venezia (1 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Italy      Date: 12.7.2017
In this case too I intentionally don't give the exact geographic coordinates of this site. It could be everywhere in the city, and really "campielli" like this one are the real and most beautiful face of the "Venezia minore". In Venetian language "becarìe" means butchers; the campiello is close to the old town slaughterhouse, now transformed into university campus but active until the second post-war period. It's hard to believe that in Venice there were farms, stables, cows, pigs and other courtyard animals that provided meat and other products to the Venetians. Now all this disappeared.
Venetian toponomastics follows three main strands: from one side the noble family names, from another arts and professions, as a third choice ethnic and territorial backgrounds. Walking in Venice also means diving into a medieval world rich in activities, disappeared crafts, voices coming from all over the Mediterranean and the Orient. Probably tourists (a real "plague" for Venice and Venetian people) don't see it at all, because they are too busy photographing Piazza San Marco - filled with other tourists/photographers ...
I beg your pardon for smartphone quality. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


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Anche da noi in Trentino si dice "il beccaro"...
Quello che mi ha fatto sempre strano è sentire il termine «beccheria» nella "toscanissima" Turandot, che pure ha dei chiari addentellati con l'universo veneziano:
2017/09/28 10:44, Pedrotti Alberto
Sauberer Bildschnitt!
2018/07/17 09:44, Walter Schmidt

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