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1 Lodowy Szczyt - 2627 m
2 Durny Szczyt - 2623 m
3 Lomnicky stit - 2643 m
4 Prostredny Hrot - 2420 m
6 Slavkovsky stit - 2452 m
7 Bradavica - 2476 m


Location: Rohatka (2288 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 21.09.2009


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Nothing typical for postcards, but I like it. I'm curious about your hike there,
where did you start ?
2017/09/23 11:50, Steffen Minack
Re - hike 
Its was long time ago, in time, when autumns were warm and sunny. The begining of the hike was at parkplace by Penzion Carpathia in Tatranska Lesna. One of a few places, where you can leave car for free. Most of the people begins hike from upper station of Hrebienok railway.
2017/09/24 19:42, Konrad Sus
Thanks for the hint Konrad, hope to be there one day.
2017/10/01 17:39, Steffen Minack

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Konrad Sus

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