Night impressions to the East from Waterfront Building Terneuzen   (4,0 based on 5 ratings)    viewed: 602x
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1 buoy on the river Scheldt
2 BASF Antwerp Harbor (B) 29.5 km
3 Doel nuclear plant (B) 27 km
4 Container cranes Deurgangdok, left bank Antwerp harbor and destination biggest container ships (B) 30 km
5 Bazalt Promenade Othene 2.5 km
6 Antwerp Petroleum harbor 33 km
7 Cathedral Antwerp city (B) 41.8 km
8 Boerentower KBC bank Antwerp (B) 42 km
9 Titan portal crane shipyard Hoboken (B) 39.2 km
10 Church Zaamslag village (NL) 6.5 km
11 Apartments Sint-Niklaas city (B) 30 km
12 Ski dome Terneuzen 5 km
13 Sluiskill industry (NL) 6.5 km
14 Arcelor Mittal, Zelzate (B) 18 km


Location: Terneuzen (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 08 01
This pano is the night version of pano 21974. It gives a pretty realistic impression at 2.30 am what the eye can see from the Waterfront building in NE to S directions.

Canon G1X mark2, 11 pics, 62.5 mm (118.7 mm KB), iso 250, f/3.9, 1.6 sec, stitched first with Autostitch and then horizon pitch and angle corrected with Hugin (this works!).


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Although nobody likes, I am especially proud about this pano as I had to await extremely stable air conditions to photograph the tiny, often flickering lights 30-40 km away.
2017/08/03 14:43, Mentor Depret
maybe it is a bit too dark ...

... and it would be benefical to give the text in white ;-)
2017/08/03 21:52, Christoph Seger
Christoph, I put the text in red, never used it before, now I know. Yes I can make the pano a bit lighter but then I have to downsize further as the file is already 2.5 Mb. Also the tiny lights will become fat. But the pano as of now corresponds very well with reality.
2017/08/04 00:52, Mentor Depret
I like the overall brightness, but a little brightening wouldn't hurt, since one can only appreciate the pano on a computer in a room of full darkness. If you use Irfanview - which has a good sharpener - try under "colour correction" and find "gamma". Try make gamma a little more than 1. Then it is brightened in a soft way. BR Jan.
2017/08/06 16:02, Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Dear Jan, do you think this can be brightened without pushing up the file size? It is now 2.5 MB and when I increase the brightness, immediately the file size jumps to 2.8 MB.
2017/08/07 03:00, Mentor Depret
Mentor, for compensation you can reduce the JPG quality by 1 or 2 points. Perhaps 1 point will be enough. KR Arno
2017/08/07 13:12, Arno Bruckardt

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