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Location: Terneuzen (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 06 05
Twice a year the beautitul Marina sails to Antwerp and on June 05 2017 I was lucky to catch her when she left for Amsterdam. The ship measures 238 m by 32 m and was built in 2011.


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Sorry to say, but I'll stop to comment your panos, since you are deleting them again and again. All the work to comment your pano was for nothing.
2017/07/25 15:16, Steffen Minack
Dear Steffen, I deleted because I try to improve them, if possible, and then republish. I appreciate the comments but if the pano isn't liked, something is wrong and possibly not good enough to be published here. Although I like this one, nobody seems to agree.
2017/07/25 15:34, Mentor Depret
Just a tipp: You can also reload / replace your picture after improving it on the same slot. Combined with the comments the process of the improvement can be followed and you do not need to delete the panos all the time.
2017/07/26 20:23, Jens Vischer

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