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1 anc. sémaphore
2 Cap-Sicié (pano 16953)
3 Île de Riou
4 Île Maire
5 Île Tiboulan de Maire
6 Cap Croisette
7 Restaurant la baie des singes
8 Château d'If
9 Route de la Maronaise
10 Anse de la Maronaise
11 Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde
12 Marseille
13 Les Goudes


Location: Les Goudes (Marseille)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: 3 January 2015


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Whow - can be almost everywhere in the western Mediterranean - or on the Atlantic coast ?
2015/10/02 08:05, Christoph Seger
I would again guess somewhere in Portugal?
2015/10/02 08:49, Jens Vischer
For now, I would just say that it is not in Portugal.
2015/10/02 18:09, Giuseppe Marzulli
Sardinia? I have no idea, but it's a very nice pano!
2015/10/02 18:52, Augustin Werner
Hallo. It is not in Sardinia or Sicily.
2015/10/02 19:06, Giuseppe Marzulli
We are in the Mediterranean.
2015/10/03 10:47, Giuseppe Marzulli
It may sound unbelievable, but just a few kilometers there is a very large city.
2015/10/03 16:17, Giuseppe Marzulli
For me it's simple ;-)
I set some labels
LG Jörg
2015/10/03 16:29, Jörg Nitz
Indeed. I was a little surprised that you had not yet responded ;-)
2015/10/03 16:42, Giuseppe Marzulli
With those hints it's easy to find, a few 100m west of L.G. But I would have never searched there - great how you have found a viewpoint which looks like in the wild remote countryside (because of which I started in the Mani again). Cheers, Martin
2015/10/03 17:48, Martin Kraus
I am deeply astonished!
2015/10/03 18:34, Christoph Seger
Beautiful, especially the light on the water.
2015/10/05 14:41, Friedemann Dittrich
Io avevo piú o meno intuito la zona, poi però invece che fare ricerche riguardo alla tua foto mi ero perso via a farle... su vecchie foto mie. Per associazione mentale, infatti, gli scogli sulla sinistra mi avevano ricordato la zona del faro di Mangiabarche a Calasetta
Fine del discorso, perché con il senno di poi non è che si assomiglino piú di due qualsiasi scogli del Mediterraneo!
2015/10/05 15:27, Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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