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Location: Hunedoara (300 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Romania      Date: 7.07.2015
Castelul Corvinilor - castle in Hunedorara, in Ceausescu time - the city has been transformed to large mining and metallurgical plant. Next to castle is Smelter slag heap.


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An interesting background to read in Wikipedia about this famous historic monument in Siebenbürgen/Transsylvania. Dracula salutes ;-).
2015/08/08 20:39, Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Your title fits perfect, what a shame to have this nice building in such a surrounding.
2015/08/09 08:28, Jens Vischer
Such a thing can occur when economic constraints and a system with ruined morality come together. May better times come to Romania.
Pozdrawia Wolfgang
2015/08/21 23:17, Wolfgang Bremer

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Konrad Sus

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