Scheldt estuary at Breskens 2 tele   (4,0 based on 1 rating)    viewed: 989x
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1 Lighthouse Breskens
2 North Sea
3 lighthouse Westkapelle 15 km
4 highest or second highest dune Netherlands 53m 9km
5 Sardijntower 85m 4km
6 Vlissingen
7 Prisoners tower
8 Church tower Lange Jan of Middelburg 90m 12 km
9 St James the Great Church mediaval Vlissingen
10 Sloehaven port
11 Nuclear powerplant Borsele 13 km
12 Cooling towers nuclear powerplant Doel in Belgium 51km
13 cargo ships coming and going to Antwerp Port
14 Waterfront building Terneuzen 22km


Location: Breskens (8 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 10 July 2015
This is the tele version of pano 17916. It wasn't possible to stitch the water surface and the waves perfectly and I had a lot of trial and error correcting several transitions in the sky because I shot in Av mode resulting in changing shutter speeds. But I think the result may be enjoyed. And if you look well now you can distinghuish the cooling towers of Doel Antwerp, the farthest obect visible about 51 km away.

Canon G1Xmark2, 27 pics, 81.25mm (155mmKB), iso 200, f10, 1/640 left and right to 1/400 middle , Av, JPEG superfine, 180°, stitched with Hugin on iMac


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Ein Horizont von gewaltiger Breite!
Gruss Walter
2015/07/13 18:55, Walter Schmidt
A more simple motif would be more recommendable for the beginning.
2015/07/16 16:01, Jörg Braukmann
Really good if the dark streaks and jumps in the water were not. But you can edit and improve it later.
2017/08/18 14:15, Heinz Höra

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Mentor Depret

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