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1 Fuipiano Valle Imagna
2 Pizzo dei Tre Signori, 2553m
3 Pizzo di Trona, 2510m
4 Cima di Piazzo, 2057m
5 I Canti, 1563m
6 Monte Sodadura, 2010m
7 Corna Imagna
8 Monte Ponteranica, 2352m
9 Monte Aralalta, 2006m
10 Pizzo Baciamorti, 2009m
11 Monte Lago, 2351m
12 Monte Fioraro, 2431m
13 Monte Venturosa, 1999m
14 Pizzo Scala, 2427m
15 Monte Cancervo, 1835m
16 Monte Pegherolo, 2369m
17 Monte Secco, 2293m
18 Sponda Camoscera, 2452m
19 Monte Toro, 2524m
20 Pizzo Grande, 1571m
21 Monte Tonale, 2544m
22 Monte Sornadello, 1580m
23 Corno Stella, 2621m
24 Berbenno
25 Monte Chierico, 2535m
26 Pizzo Zerna, 2572m
27 Monte Masoni, 2663m
28 Monte Foldone, 1502m
29 Pizzo del Becco, 2507m
30 Monte Spondone, 2445m
31 Castello Regina, 1424m
32 Pizzo Farno, 2506m
33 Pizzo del Diavolo, 2916m
34 Cima di Menna, 2300m
35 Monte Vaccaregio, 1474m
36 Pizzo Redorta, 3038m; 47,3 Km
37 Corna Piana, 2302m
38 Pizzo Cerro, 1285m
39 Pizzo Arera, 2512m
40 Cima Valmora, 2198m
41 Monte Gioco, 1366m
42 Cima del Fop, 2322m
43 Monte Secco, 2266m
44 Monte Zucco, 1232m
45 Monte Alben, 2019m
46 Sant' Antonio Abbandonato
47 Monte Frisozzo, 2897m; 76,1Km
48 Costa Serina
49 Monte Secretondo, 1555m
50 Monte Monoccola, 2681m
51 Monte Suchello, 1541m
52 Cornone di Blumone, 2842m; 74,3Km
53 Monte Pora, 1880m
54 Pizzo Formico, 1636m
55 Trafficanti
56 Monte Bruffione, 2665m
57 Zogno
58 Monte Crestoso, 2207m
59 Aviatico
60 Monte Poieto, 1360m
61 Monte Muffetto, 2060m
62 Monte Cornagiera, 1311m
63 Corna Blacca, 2005m
64 Monte Podona, 1227m
65 Monte Guglielmo, 1957m
66 Monte Torrezzo, 1378m
67 Canto Alto, 1146m
68 Vetta delle Buse (Monte Baldo), 2155m
69 Monte Misma, 1160m
70 Monte Bronzone, 1334m
71 Sorisole
72 Bruntino
73 Ponteranica
74 Monte Maddalena, 874m
76 Petosino
77 Monte Orfano, 452m
79 Colli di Bergamo
80 Santuario di Sombreno
81 San Rocco in Fontana
82 Sombreno
83 Colle di Mozzo, 390m
84 Mozzo
85 Curno
86 Monte Cimone, 2165m; 198,5 Km
87 Ponte San Pietro
89 Monte Cusna, 2121m
91 Dalmine
92 Alpe di Succiso, 2016m; 168,7Km
93 Monte Sillara, 1861m
94 (Castell' Arquato)
95 Monte Marma, 1852m
96 Fiume Brembo
97 Monte Molinatico, 1550m; 147,5Km
99 Monte Carameto, 1318m
100 Monte Pelpi, 1479m
101 Monte Ragola, 1711m
102 Monte Nero, 1758m
103 Monte Maggiorasca, 1809m; 136,3Km
104 Roncalla, 1685m
105 Rocca Borri, 1580m
106 Centrale elettrica di Cassano d'Adda
108 Monte Oramara, 1522m
109 Fiume Adda
110 Monte Penice, 1460m
111 Centrale elettrica di Tavazzano
112 Monte Alfeo, 1651m
113 Monte Lesima, 1724m; 123,8Km
114 Monte Chiappo, 1700m
115 Monte Ebro, 1701m
116 Monte Giarolo, 1473m
117 Monte Canto, 710m


Location: Monte Linzone (1392 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 11 January 2015
To realize this pano I did not have to go far. In the pano is also seen (as a small dot in the distance) my home.
Monte Linzone is practically a panoramic balcony overlooking the Po valley. But the Po valley is often covered by mist and you can see it only when a strong wind blows.
it is possible to note that, even in this pano, in the distance (about more than 70-80 Km) was the mist. But usually, if not blows a strong wind, you do not see almost nothing.
The actual view is much wider than that shown in the pano.
From Monte Linzone you can also see in the distance almost entirely the Northern Apennines. Monte Cimone, which is the highest peak of the Northern Apennines, is distant 198.5 Km.
I can enter many more labels in the plains, but it takes time.
14 photos; 70 mm (full format); f8; 1/320 sec.; 160 ISO; with tripod.


Nice view. Congratulations for this missing link.
2015/01/15 23:35, Mentor Depret
Wow, great view!
2015/01/16 08:21, Jens Vischer
Excellent selected lookout location! Very nice view to the mountains and over the lowland, beautiful light. greetings Fried
2015/01/16 11:35, Friedemann Dittrich
Brilliant view and colours!
2015/01/16 22:21, Peter Brandt
Wonderful view and great light!!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2015/01/17 11:10, Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
2015/01/17 11:56, Christoph Seger
You show us the beautiful spots of Italy and Europe, but it seems that the most beautiful area is visible directly from your home. Great pano. Cheers, Martin
2015/01/18 20:18, Martin Kraus
excellent - I agree with Martin! :-)
2015/01/24 21:47, Michael Strasser
Interesting to see the southern edge of the Alps and in such a distance the southern edge of Val Padana as well.
Greetings Wolfgang
2015/01/27 08:12, Wolfgang Bremer

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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