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1 Capo Posillipo
2 Lungomare Caracciolo
3 Porto di Mergellina
4 Consolato USA
5 Mergellina
6 Posillipo
8 Capo Miseno
10 Monte Epomeo, 787m
11 Monte Barbaro, 336m
12 Eremo di Camaldoli
13 Castel Sant' Elmo


Location: Napoli (Castel Sant' Elmo)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: August 2014
"See Naples and Die" ("Vedi Napoli e poi muori" in Italian or "Neapel sehen und sterben" in German) is a saying that is sometimes attributed to Goethe. But Goethe, who spent a long time in Naples, just translated into German the phrase.
That was a reference to that the city is so beautiful, there is nothing to top it and therefore no reason to go on living. You've seen it all.
Today the phrase is used in Italy especially in an ironic sense, to point out the dangers of the city :-).
This pano does not show the most popular areas, but the western part of the city.


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Devo dire che suona meglio in italiano...
È la prima volta che vedo l'Epomeo "sopra" Napoli.
2014/11/08 11:18, Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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