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1 Puerto Exterior de Ferrol
2 Punta Herminia
3 Monte Faro
4 Ria de Betanzos
5 Punta Seixo Branco
6 Faro de Mera
7 Mera
8 Barrio de Durmideiras
9 Ria de Coruña
10 Faro del dique de abrigo Barrie de La Maza
11 Dique de Abrigo
12 Torre de Control (Maritime Control Tower)
13 Puerto (Port)
14 Prisión Provincial (old prison)
15  Playa de la Lagoa
16 Paseo Maritomo
17 Playa de Riazor
18 Palacio de los Deportes de Riazor
19 Ensenada del Orzan
20 Aquarium Finisterrae
21 Obelisco Millenium
22 Monte de San Pedro
23 Illa do Pe'
24 Punta del Orzán
25 Illas de San Pedro


Location: A Coruña (Torre de Hercules)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Spain      Date: 29 June 2014
A Coruña (in Galician) or La Coruña (in Spanish) is a busy port located on a promontory in the entrance of an estuary in a large gulf on the Atlantic Ocean. The city was the political capital of the Kingdom of Galicia from the 16th to the 19th centuries.
From its port in 1588 sailed the "Armada Invencible " of Felipe II. The history showed that the fleet was not invincible ;-).

Torre de Hercules (Tower of Hercules), from where the pano was taken, is an ancient Roman lighthouse.


Again a masterpiece of Giuseppe. KR Arno
2014/07/12 18:53, Arno Bruckardt
I am pleased to see such a prominent and exposed place of Europe in such a well presented way.
2014/07/12 21:05, Jörg Braukmann
The range of your travelling seems to be unlimited. And the illusion of Felipe being invincible seems to bridge from earlier to modern times. Cheers, Martin
2014/07/13 09:32, Martin Kraus
The "Armada Invencible" of Felipe II always makes me come to mind a poem by Brecht, that I know in Italian, "Lob des Zweifels".
Lest die Geschichte und seht
In wilder Flucht die unbesieglichen Heere.
Stürzen unzerstörbare Festungen ein und
Wenn die auslaufende Armada unzählbar war
Die zurückkehrenden Schiffe
Waren zählbar.
2014/07/13 10:20, Giuseppe Marzulli
Very nice Pano Giuseppe. It made me curious about how this tower looks like. VG.
2014/07/13 12:06, Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Hello Hans-Jürgen . Maybe in the future we'll see. Meanwhile you can read here.
2014/07/14 00:35, Giuseppe Marzulli
Splendido, ma è quel finale tutto marino che mi riporta direttamente davanti alla mia "ventana", a Finisterre, con il polpo gallego nel piatto!
Anzi, visto che siamo in vena di citazioni,
... non ancora
tra le rocce che sorgono t'è giunta
la bottiglia dal mare. L'onda, vuota,
si rompe sulla punta, a Finisterre.
Scusa, non c'entrerebbe nulla con il tuo panorama, se non che anche in quello vedo belle rocce che sorgono e onde che si rompono! È il loro mestiere, da quelle parti.
2014/07/14 23:15, Pedrotti Alberto
Fantastic spot for a Panormic picture!
2014/07/15 16:59, Sebastian Becher

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