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1 Punta de Estaca de Bares
2 Faro de Estaca de Bares
3 Punta Bandeixa
4 Carino
5 Porto de Espasante
6 Playa de la Concha
7 Illa de Santo Vicente
8  Playa de a Basteira
9 Monte de Figueroa
10 Monte Miranda


Location: Cariño      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Spain      Date: 28 June 2014
Among the headlands of Ortegal and Estaca de Bares opens the estuary of Santa Marta de Ortigueira.
Punta de Estaca de Bares is the northernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. Conventionally, it marks the western end of the Cantabrian Sea (or Bay of Biscay), in the North Atlantic ocean.


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Beautiful Guiseppe!
2014/07/10 15:45, Sebastian Becher
Tempo splendido, per quei posti!
2014/07/11 14:58, Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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