Czorsztynskie Reservoir just after flood.   (4,0 based on 1 rating)    viewed: 1439x
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1 Niedzica Castle
2 Czorsztyn Castle
4 Runek
5 Luban
6 Ula
7 Piekielko
8 Ubszar
9 Halogovske Skaly
10 Malinova Hora
12 Jedras
13 Zdziarska Vidla
14 Havran
15 Vysoka
16 Rysy
17 Mieguszowieckie Szczyty
18 Opalony Wierch
19 Woloszyn
20 Lysa nad Dunajcom - Slovakia


Location: Niedzica (519 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 20.05.2014
Last weekend we had in southern Poland flood. Thats why water in this lake is brown. This is panorama from dam on river Dunajec. The major reason, why dam was built was anti - flood preserve. Except anti - flood function - lake is very popular touristic destination - there 2 castles on both shores, ship cruises and much more.


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Actually, a very nice view. However, assuming the broad way on the dam is even, something must be wrong with the horizon. Surely worth to stitch this again. Cheers, Martin
2014/05/25 21:29, Martin Kraus

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Konrad Sus

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