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1 Punta Rasciassa, 2664m
2 Cima delle Lobbie, 3015m
3 Monviso, 3841m; 83Km
4 Visolotto, 3348m
5 Monte Granero, 3166m
6 Crete de la Taillante, 3197m
7 Pic Segure, 2990m
8 Moncucco Torinese (castello)
9 Tete du Pelvas, 2929m
10 Punta Cornour, 2867m; 73Km
11 Colle della Maddalena
12 Punta Rognosa, 3280m
13 Bric Rosso, 3030m
14 Monte Rocciavre', 2778m, 63Km
15 Punta Cristalliera, 2801m
16 Monte Orsiera, 2890m
17 Basilica di Superga (pano 14709)
18 Sacra di San Michele (pano 12295)
19 Pointe Ferrand, 3365m
20 Mont Giusalet, 3312m
21 Rocciamelone, 3538m: 71Km
22 Castello di Bardassano
23 Monte Lera, 3355m
24 La Croix Rousse, 3565m
25 Ouille d' Arberon, 3554m
26 La Bessanese, 3592m
27 L' Albaron, 3640m
28 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m; 70Km
29 Punta Francesetti, 3425m
30 Cinzano
31 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
32 Punta Foura, 3411m
33 Becca di Montchair, 3544m
34 Ciarforon, 3643m
35 La Tresenta, 3609m
36 Gran Paradiso, 4061m; 73Km
37 Becca di Gay, 3621m
38 Torre del Gran San Pietro, 3692m
39 Monveso di Forzo, 3322m
40 Torre di Lavina, 3308m
41 Penne Blanche, 3250m
42 Castagneto Po
43 Punta Tersiva, 3512m; 72Km
44 Monte Giavino, 2766m
45 Bec delle Strie, 2547m
46 Dent d' Herens, 4171m
47 Dent Blanche, 4357m
48 Cervino (Matterhorn), 4477m; 103Km
49 Becca Torche, 3016m
50 Becca Vlou, 3032m
51 Breithorn, 4164m
52 Castor, 4223 m
53 Liskamm, 4527m
54 Punta Dufour (Monte Rosa), 4634m; 96Km
55 Punta Gnifetti (Signalkuppe), 4554m
56 Strahlhorn, 4190m; 104Km
57 Monte Tovo, 2229m
58 Monte Tagliaferro, 2964m
59 Cima di Bo, 2555m
60 Cima Colmetta, 2459m
61 Monte Barone, 2044m
62 Monte Massone, 2161m; 100Km


Location: Albugnano (549 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 25 January 2014
The Alps from Albugnano. Albugnano is a small town of Piedmont, which allows an amazing view of all the north-western Italian Alps. It is known as the "balcony of Monferrato".
8 photos; 70mm; f6,3; 1/5000 sec.; ISO 200; with tripod.


Excellent far view, also the landscape in the foreground is very nice. LG Fried
2014/01/31 01:18, Friedemann Dittrich
Fantastic view!!
2014/01/31 08:34, Jens Vischer
Great view, thank you for sharing. I wonder if the horizon is correct. Monviso seems to be low compared to mountains further to the right. Regards Peter
2014/01/31 09:02, Peter Brandt
really a magnificent view! Do you also have a full 360°?
2014/01/31 17:45, Mentor Depret
Thanks for the comments.
@ Peter: the horizon is correct. The pictures were taken with a tripod. Of course this is not enough, but I verified with udeuschle.
Monviso is farther in distance.
@ Mentor: You can not make a 360°, because the viewpoint is in a small park in a village and there are trees that impede 360 °. If there were no trees, the view would be much wider. The view is still impressive when you consider that the village is only 549m high.
2014/01/31 19:59, Giuseppe Marzulli
Great show! It's an alternation to see the Alps of southern direction here. The adding of some distances would be more informative for me.
LG Jörg
2014/02/01 16:51, Jörg Nitz
a spectacular view!!
2014/02/01 21:55, Michael Strasser
I have added some distances.
2014/02/02 00:17, Giuseppe Marzulli
Fantastic view from a fresh perspective. Is the village of Cinzano related to the drink? Cheers, Martin
2014/02/05 19:44, Martin Kraus
Cheers Martin. In Piedmont there are two countries that are called Cinzano. What you see in this pano is not related to drink (Cinzano, Campari and others). I think the other Cinzano (the right one ;)) we will see in a few months.
2014/02/05 20:09, Giuseppe Marzulli
I saw it just now, wonderful panorama. LG Alexander
2017/09/25 21:36, Alexander Von Mackensen
2017/10/11 00:47, David Schatzman

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