Frosty morning at the Tsaatan camp   (4,0 based on 11 ratings)    viewed: 1768x
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1 N.12709
2 2750
3 2596
4 2636
5 N.9555
6 2716
7 3026
8 2895
9 2974
10 2920


Location: Camp in the West taiga (2160 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 08-08-2011
Same place as in N. 9025 - please see the description there.
12HF, zoom 16-85, 20mm (x1.5), f/8, 1/200 sec, ISO 100.
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Spürbare Kälte!
Gruss Walter
2013/06/30 08:38, Walter Schmidt
Perfect !!
Kind regards Christoph
2013/06/30 08:42, Christoph Seger
Yes, I kept the image rather «cold», as it was indeed for an August morning.
In winter here the temperature commonly drops to -55°C.
Last December I made a little photo exposition (see the non-error-free panorama by which I raised some funds to help the Tsaatan.
This was done through my friend Latoya in Ulaanbaatar. In April, right those days that we had 25°C or more, she wrote to me: I am glad, spring is clearly coming, the temperature does no longer drop below -20°C here in UB...
2013/06/30 10:43, Pedrotti Alberto
2013/07/02 11:21, Thomas Janeck

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Pedrotti Alberto

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