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Location: Mirador de San Juan (2850 m)      by: Wolfgang Schmähling
Area: Ecuador      Date: 3.2.2013
The last one of my Ecuador series: overlooking the historic centre of Quito with lots of churches and monasteries. Separating the Northern older part of town from the South is El Panecillo hill with a huge madonna-statue (virgen de Quito). Before the invasion of the Spanish conquerors there used to be an Indian temple, destroyed by the conquistadores.
Quito`s historic center is very clean, colorful and pretty. On the outskirts there is a lot of poverty and a high crime rate, too.
The weather is often cloudy like this, only rarely the beautiful mountains in the vicinity are visible.


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Klasse Stadt-Darstellung. Hätte mehr Beachtung verdient. VG Martin
2013/04/06 19:57, Martin Kraus

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Wolfgang Schmähling

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