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1 Lago Albano
2 San Tommaso
3 Palazzo Pontificio


Location: Lago Albano (426 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 15 August 2012
Castel Gandolfo is a small Italian town in Lazio that occupies a height overlooking Lake Albano about 15 miles south-east of Rome, on the Alban Hills.

It is best known as the summer residence of the Pope. With the Lateran Treaty of 1929, Italy recognized the full ownership by the Holy See of the Pontifical Palace of Castel Gandolfo along with the adjacent Villa del Moro and Villa Cybo.


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Have you seen the pope there going for a stroll?

Nice pano!


Jörg E.
2012/08/23 20:52, Jörg Engelhardt
Hello Jörg. No, I have not seen the Pope, but when I took the picture he was in this Palace (Palazzo Pontificio).
2012/08/24 21:03, Giuseppe Marzulli
In astratto, secondo me, il panorama è proporzionato in maniera ottimale. Soltanto in relazione alla tirannia dei 500 pixel mi chiedevo se il fatto di sacrificare un po' di cielo e un po' di acqua, a vantaggio del Palazzo Papale, avrebbe potuto (magari con il complemento di un PaterAveGloria) farti lucrare un'indulgenza plenaria...
2012/08/25 00:19, Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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